2016 Clean Commuter & Wellness Challenge

July 14, 2016

Congratulations to members of Team RST (Rapid-Strep-Teasers) from SPH Lab who have each won a $25 gift card at the Clean Commuter & Wellness Challenge for being one of 2016’s Top Teams.

Members of the Team RST (Rapid-Strep-Teasers) – left to right: Stacey Solomon, Melanie Kenler, Matthew Young, Colleen Chan, Peter McLellan (Captain), Alison Takahash & Mario D’Angelo

This is the third year in a row that staff from SPH Lab participate in the challenge AND receive prizes as winners in various categories.

Winners this year:

  • Team RST (Rapid-Strep-Teasers) – Top team in Calories Burned = 42,790
  • Mario D’Angelo – Top in Biking category (also rank 2nd in overall individual top Calories Burned = 12,020)

Honourable mention:

  • Team RST (Rapid-Strep-Teasers) – First runner-up in GHGs Reduced = 136.30
  • Overall individual top Calories Burned – Melanie Kenler = 10,140 (rank 4th); Peter McLellan = 9,960 (rank 5th)
  • 2nd team from SPH Lab – Lean+Mean & Pathologically GREEN- SPH AP – members: Vanessa Yu (Captain), Sue Finley, Justin Lo, Dr. Blair Walker, Kirsten Wyganowski = 11.70 GHGs Reduced; 3,992 Calories Burned

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