Canadian Association of Pathologists - 67th Annual Scientific Meeting

July 7, 2016

The Canadian Association of Pathologists - Association canadienne des pathologistes (CAP-ACP) is holding its 67th Annual Scientific Meeting in Vancouver on July 9-12, 2016.

Dr. Martin Trotter, Head of PHC Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, is the Past President of the CAP-ACP and is the local organizing chair for the meeting.

The Pathologists' Assistants workshop sessions organized by Dr. Michael Seidman and laboratory technologists Sue Finley/Jennifer Yaholnitsky/Jamieson Anderson will be held at St. Paul's Hospital on the morning of July 10.

Other PHC Pathology medical staff speaking at the conference include Drs. Karen Dallas, Nick Myles, Michael Seidman, Dmitry Turbin and Wei Xiong.

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