Clinical Chemistry

"In pursuit of healthiness... seeking truth in numbers"

Comprised of a team of medical biochemists, clinical chemists and medical technologists working together in a 24/7 operation. We are a teaching hospital laboratory working collaboratively with our clinical areas. We provide test results and medical diagnostic expertise to all hospital services inclusive of heart and lung, HIV/AIDS, mental health, emergency, critical care, kidney care and numerous surgical programs. We also provide specialized diagnostic services to support clinical care on a provincial basis: St. Paul's is the sole provincial chemistry resource for multiple specialized endocrine, lipid, immunologic, and hematologic tests. On a technical level, St. Paul's is an international leader in the application of mass spectrometric analysis to a broad range of clinical chemistry services.

Driven by passion for quality and continual improvement our Core Lab was the winner of the 3M Health Care Quality Team Award. Through the use of the most current testing technology, Lean workflow principles and dedicated staff, we deliver accurate and timely results to patients and their primary care providers.

Each year we will analyze...

  • 1/4 million routine specimens
  • Over 100,000 specialized tests, such as endocrine, hormone and lipid testing
  • Over 34,000 cardiac screening tests
  • 28,000 specimens for therapeutic drugs, testosterone and other small molecules on 2 LC-MS/MS platforms
  • About 2,000 screens for primary aldosteronism, 200 confirmatory tests and 75 adrenal venous sampling analyses

The Team

Hours of service
Routine and Stat specimen analysis 24/7
Specialized testing performed Monday through Friday except for statutory holidays
Lab results for physicians: Lower Mainland Call Centre 1-877-747-2522  Weekdays 0700-1700h
After hours including statutory holidays for results 604-682-2344 ext 63612
Fax 604-806-8342

Laboratory, Chemistry
2nd floor Providence Building
1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y6

Contact Information
Dr. Dan Holmes: 604-806-8919
Dr. Andre Mattman: 604-806-8190
Dr. Janet Simons: 604-806-8193
Dr. Mari DeMarco: 604-806-8470
Dr. Angela Fung: 604-806-8194

Gurjit Bubra, Team Lead: 604-806-9602

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