Anatomic Pathology

"As is our pathology, so is our practice." - William Osler

In Anatomic Pathology we diagnose disease by examining tissue removed from living patients either by biopsy or during surgery.

Medical laboratory technologists process the tissue and prepare tissue sections for microscopic examination by the pathologist.

Pathologists make a diagnosis and issue a pathology report that also contains information on the patient's prognosis and how the patient may respond to treatment.

Anatomic pathologists also perform autopsies to determine the extent of disease and to establish the cause of death.

Anatomic Pathology reports over 30,000 surgical pathology cases and 4,000 cytology cases every year.

Each year, our technologists prepare over 120,000 paraffin blocks and 200,000 glass slides.

We are a Lean laboratory, using streamlined workflow, rapid microwave processing, automated slides stainer/coverslipper, and automated special stains and immunohistochemistry.

Our special areas of expertise are kidney pathology, cardiovascular pathology, breast pathology, and gastrointestinal pathology, but we receive and report a wide range of specimens and tissue from all body sites.

The Team

  • Pathologist and Division Lead - Dr. Lik Hang Lee
  • Team Lead - Bobby Grewal
  • Technical Coordinator - Chris Wong

Hours of Operation
0600-1900h, Mon-Fri
24 hour on call service available

Laboratory, Anatomic Pathology
2nd Floor, Providence Building
1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y6