BC Provincial Renal Pathology Laboratory

The Provincial Renal Pathology Laboratory provides diagnostic medical renal biopsy services for all patients in every health authority in British Columbia.  Our expert technical team processes tissue for traditional light, immunofluorescence, and electron microscopy as well as specialized processing, including IgG subtypes and PLA2R, collagen IV alpha chains, and paraffin immunofluorescence microscopy.  The Provincial Renal Pathology Laboratory and all services are located at St Paul’s Hospital.

For more information of our services or for specific questions regarding biopsies, please contact the renal laboratory directly.

Our Renal Pathologists
Dr. Mei Lin Z. Bissonnette, MD, PhD, FRCPC – Renal Pathology Laboratory Director
Dr. Susanna McRae, MD, FRPCP – Director of Renal Pathology Education
Dr. Maziar Riazy, MD, PhD, FRCPC – Director of Renal Pathology Research
Dr. Paula Blanco, MD - Director of Electron Microscopy

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays) 0700 to 1700 hours

For urgent after hours issues, please call the Providence Health Care Switchboard (604-682-2344) to connect to the renal pathologist on call

Contact Information
Renal Pathology Laboratory: 604-682-2344, extension 62228 or 62225
Fax: 604-806-8701