Primary Aldosteronism Screening and Diagnosis at St. Paul's Hospital

St. Paul’s Hospital Laboratory has been a world leader in the development of accurate diagnostic assays for the diagnosis of primary aldosteronism and a number of other related conditions affecting the renin angiotensin aldosterone system. St. Paul’s Hospital laboratory is the only site in Canada offering aldosterone, and plasma renin activity testing by tandem mass spectrometry and acts as a reference lab for numerous research studies, other labs and even diagnostic companies for aldosterone analysis.

All confirmatory testing for primary aldosteronism and all adrenal venous sampling analysis for the province of British Columbia is performed at St. Paul’s Hospital. Three experienced laboratory physicians, Dr. Andre Mattman, Dr. Janet Simons and Dr. Daniel Holmes review all primary aldosteronism screens, confirmatory tests and adrenal venous sampling results, rendering interpretations in collaboration with the caring physician. St. Paul’s performs about 2000 screens for primary aldosteronism, 200 confirmatory tests and 75 adrenal venous sampling analyses per year. The clinical team has numerous publications on the topic of the laboratory investigation of primary aldosteronism.

Additionally, St. Paul’s Hospital is one of the two locations of the British Columbia Hypertension Clinic ( which specializes in the clinical investigation and management of complex hypertension cases including primary aldosteronism and pheochromocytoma. Experienced internists Dr. Jane McKay, Dr. Nadia Khan, Dr. Debbie Rosenbaum, Dr. Laura Kuyper and Dr. Cori Gabana actively see patients for primary aldosteronism workup on short notice. For referrals to these clinicians, please see the clinic referral page (

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