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Test Name: Lipid Profile, Fasting

Test Code: LIPID

Turn around time: Analyzed within 4 hours of receipt, 24/7.

Collection Container: Gold

Alternate Collection Container(s): Red

Sample Type: Serum

Minimum Volume: 0.5 mL

Testcode and Ordering Information: LIPID includes CHOL, HDLC, NONHDL, TRIG and LDLC. Self pay use code LIPSP

Collection and Shipping Requirements: Refrigerate. Send on ice pack.

Add on stability: Two weeks


This panel contains

CHOL - Total cholesterol

HDLC - HDL cholesterol

TRIG - Triglycerides

NONHDL - Non-HDL cholesterol (calculated)

LDLC - LDL cholesterol (calculated)

and is suitable for fasting patients. Use of a risk tool such as the Framingham Risk Calculator is recommended for interpretation.


For non fasting patients, order a non fasting lipid profile (CHOLP) to receive CHOL, HDLC, and NONHDL.